Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

If you are reading this website, then you must think you need to declutter your home. Every house has one spot where clutter tends to multiply. Usually this place is where you drop your purse, keys and jacket. When you’re in a hurry, this spot is the dumping ground for anything that has no usual place in the house. By finding a place for these items, you can declutter your home in no time at all.

To declutter your home, first you must identify that spot and go to it. After ridding the spot of all clothing, jackets, gloves and hats, then sorting papers and documents is the first priority as these may be more important than anything else here. You can also declutter your home by separating out the recyclables, garbage, bills and other papers. Make a pile of items that need immediate attention or need to be filed. Some families also have a few papers which have been brought home by their children. Whatever needs to be signed or paid, do that first.

From this point onwards, you can declutter your home by making it a point to open all mail and attend to it immediately. Trash it, recycle it, or put it where it belongs. When you open and pay for a bill, put the outgoing envelope by your car keys, so you know to pick it up when you leave the house again. Better still, you can stamp it and take it straight to the outgoing mailbox right then.

Declutter Your Home

declutter houseYou can declutter your home if everything in your home has its own place. If jackets and hats constantly find themselves being thrown over chairs and couches, then get a coat rack. If your bathroom counter is covered with toothbrushes and makeup, then get a cup for the toothbrushes and a bin or basket for the makeup to be stored. Any old, unused or out of date makeup should be thrown away.

If you have an office, then by being up to date on filing and by having a place for pens, papers, and envelopes, things will look nicer and you’ll be able to work easier when you declutter your home.

One simple rule of thumb to declutter your home is to group like items together and purchase something to hold those like items. For example, in your silverware drawer most people don’t just have all of the utensils tossed in at random. It’s best to purchase a silverware tray to separate the knives from the forks from the spoons. It’s organized and it looks a lot better. It also saves time. You won’t waste a few minutes every day by searching for the specific utensil that you need for each meal. This is the best way to declutter your home and how you should work through every messy spot in your home.

A home doesn’t have to be spotless to be organized. You can declutter your home by having a place for everything you buy, then the flow of the house is better and you will be able to think more clearly and not be so stressed. Lost and missing items will be a thing of the past. You may have an initial investment for bins, cup holders, hampers and organizers, but once everything is put away, you will feel much better about how things look in your home.

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