How To Organize Your Garage

Organize Your Garage

If there’s a man in the house, it’s a pretty sure bet that you have to organize your garage. This is going to be a very messy and dirty job, but the space will look amazing when completed.

To begin to organize your garage, you must first dress in very grubby clothes. Next you will want to separate the areas. Tools will go in one place, yard equipment in another, and car supplies in yet another. You will need to determine what types of things you store in your garage before you will be able to organize your garage.

Having plastic bins to sort will be very helpful, but if you don’t already have these items then don’t make a special purchase at this point. You will need to buy containers to organize your garage before the day is done. You may want to keep track of what you need as you clean and organize.

Sort like items. Do you do a lot of gardening? You may want one bin full of gardening supplies such as handheld shovels and garden gloves. Do you own many pairs of gloves depending on the type of job you are doing? Then you may want a bin for only gloves instead. Each person will want different things when sorting. You will find what works best for you when learning how to organize your garage.

Organize Your Garage

organize your garageIf you find that you are lacking space to store items when you organize your garage, then you may need to purchase some metal shelving. Plastic shelving is less expensive, but tends to bow under the weight of heavy items, such as ones found in a garage. This will be a great place to store cleaners, oil, gas, fertilizer, bird seed, weed killer and bug sprays. If you have children in the house, remember to store dangerous chemicals in a locked cabinet or on the top shelf.

If you have many tools, a larger and more expensive investment will be for a tool chest. Most tool chests cost a bit more than you’d like to spend, but the return will be worth it in the long run. If you organize your garage but the tools are not under control, it may still look messy. By everything having its own place, you will know exactly where to return it when finished using it and the whole space will look worthy of a magazine cover.

After purchasing plastic storage bins, sturdy metal shelving and racks for hanging tools like rakes and shovels, you may be ready to show off to your friends how you were able to organize your garage. To make the garage look like a showpiece, you can paint the walls and the floor should be taken care of as well. While this is not part of learning to organize your garage, it will look so much better and give the appearance of cleanliness even when it’s not 100% organized.

It is now possible to purchase a special cement coating for your garage. This will add some color and also be much easier to clean and hose down. If you have any oil spill, it will clean up with ease off the non-porous surface.

That’s it. You’ve finished learning how to organize your garage. You’ve added color and have probably created more room that you can start parking in the garage again.

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